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Where & What to See in Pahang Famous Places

Kuantan offers visitors a chance to see some of Peninsular Malaysia's most fascinating sights.

From local museums to recreational parks and handicraft centres to pleasant beaches, Kuantan and its surroundings offer visitors a variety of places to visit.

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Charas Caves

Just 25 km northwest of Kuantan lies the Charas Caves, a religious site for Buddhists.

Monks often come here to do their religious activities and visitors can view a large reclining Buddha statue carved out of stone within the cave.

Otherwise, you can also view the nature limestone formations or climb to the top and admire the flora and fauna.

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Jubli Perak Sultan Ahmad Shah's Agricultural Park

The newly established, 500-acre Jubli Perak Sultan Ahmad Shah's Agricultural Park near Kuantan is a scenic combination of natural forest reserve, orchards, vegetable plots and fish ponds. Here, various types of local fruits such as durians, rambutans, papayas, jackfruits, mangoes and papayas are grown, which visitors can pluck and eat for a flat rate at certain seasons during the year.

There's also a greenhouse to educate visitors on the agro-culture industry and plenty of live exhibits of flora in the arboretum. In future, the park will have a water theme park and crocodile farm.

Kuala Lipis

Located at the confluence of Sungai Lipis and Sungai Jelai, Kuala Lipis was one of the earliest settlements in Pahang and is the state's oldest town.

There are several things you can do here at this town, such as visiting historical buildings that include the Clifford School, the Kuala Lipis District Administrative Building and the Pahang Club House as well as trekking around the recreational lake Empang Jalleh and climbing Merapoh Mountain.

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Kuantan City

The capital of Pahang, Kuantan city is bristling with peaceful scenery. While the main attractions are the beaches that line Kuantan's coast, there are still things you can do in the city such as shopping for both modern and traditional commodities, trying out great seafood and experiencing the local culture. Read More...

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Pulau Keladi Cultural Village

The Pulau Keladi Cultural Village near Pekan is a collection of buildings that include; the traditional village houses that make up the cultural display, a memorial hall dedicated to Malaysia's second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak and the Pahang Silk Weaving Centre. The houses are exact replicas of traditional Malay village houses, including one special one that is meant to house the village chief.

On the other hand, the Tun Abdul Razak Memorial Hall stores memorabilia and other personal items belonging to Tun along with captions that impart knowledge on his history and background. There's also a recreational area nearby, with handicraft and souvenir stalls, eateries, public restrooms and a car park.

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Sultan Abu Bakar State Museum

This is another museum in Pekan that is dedicated to the story of Pahang's royal family. It houses valuable antiques, such as ancient Chinese glassware and ceramics. Other articles on display include historical documents and items related to Pahang's natural history, archaeology, ethnology and royalty.

Also check out the shady garden outside, where you will find a mini zoo, Sultan Abu Bakar's old Cadillac, a traditional Malay village house and an actual houseboat.

  • Opening Hours:
    Tuesday - Sunday : 9am - 5.30pm
    Friday : 9 am to 12 pm & 2 pm to 5 pm
    Mondays, Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Hari Raya Aidiladha : CLOSE
  • Address: Bandar Di Raja Pekan, 40000 Pekan, Pahang Darul Makmur
  • Tel: 609-422 1371
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Sultan Ahmad Shah I Mosque

Being the largest mosque in Pahang with 180 feet tall minarets, it is one of Kuantan's famous landmarks, with blue and white decoration alongside marble interior as well as blue and yellow stained glass windows.

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Sungai Lembing Museum

Pahang's state museum is located in the royal town of Pekan, dedicated primarily to the showcase of Sungai Lembing's mining industry. During its peak, Sungai Lembing was the largest subterranean coal mine in Southeast Asia as well as a leading producer of tin.

Formerly the residence of a British official, the museum now exhibits elements from that era, including old mining equipment, mineworkers' costumes, furniture and tableware. Look out for the life-like diorama displaying miners at work in the museum.

  • Opening Hours:
    Tuesday - Sunday : 9am - 5.30pm
    Friday : 9 am to 12 pm & 2 pm to 5 pm
    Mondays, Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Hari Raya Aidiladha : CLOSE
  • Address: Sg. Lembing, 26200 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur
  • Tel: 609-541 2378
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