Pahang Waterfalls

Where & What to See in Pahang Waterfalls

Chamang Waterfalls

The lovely Chamang Waterfalls are located about 8 km away from Bentong Town. This is a nice spot to do some bathing or picnicking. The secluded and picturesque environment is what gives it the nickname 'lovers' falls', and couples who want a quick romantic jaunt should head here.

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Jeram Besu

The rapids at Jeram Besu near Raub are some of the best spots for white-water rafting in the country.

There are many operators who offer white-water rafting courses in Jeram Besu, catering to different levels of rafters.

The place also makes for a great picnic spot and the calmer spots of water are good for swimming.

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Jerangkang Waterfalls

The Jerangkang Waterfalls is located next to the Berkelah Waterfalls, offering over 40 different cascades with plenty of nice pools to take a dip in.

The lower to mid-level waterfalls are accessible by simple trekking but to reach the summit pool, it requires more rigorous trekking.

Lata Iskandar

The Lata Iskandar Waterfalls is located one-third of the way up Cameron Highlands from the Tapah road. The waterfalls cascade over a steep rocky outcrop into a shallow rock pool below.

Standing beneath the spray of water as the falls hit the hard rock is a nice way of cooling off. There are also many stalls set up by Aborigines that sell wooden handicrafts and other harvest from the rich surrounding jungle, such as wild honey, ferns and bean pods.

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Lata Tembakah

The Lata Tembakah waterfalls are located in Besut in the middle of a thick tropical rainforest filled with towering trees. A 2 km trek through the jungle will reward you with a fantastic waterfall at the end that makes for a pleasant, relaxing spot.

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Sungai Berkelah

The Berkelah River in central Pahang is a popular place for camping, trekking and swimming. One of the unique activities you can do here is called 'canyoning'; a form of rappelling down the rocky outcrops of a waterfall.

Sungai Berkelah is about 47 km from Kuantan but you need to drive through a dusty road for about 5 km through the jungle before reaching the actual falls.

Sungai Pandan Waterfalls

The Sungai Pandan Waterfalls are a popular spot with visitors from Kuantan; which is a mere 25-km drive away. The waterfalls are located within a lush 50-hectare jungle area, 75 meters above sea-level. Visitors can access the waterfalls through the army camp at Kilometre 10 of Felda Panching.

The waterfalls are a series of cascading drops of mountain water, up to 100 meters high. It culminates in a large pool of water that is perfect for a icy-cool swim which will revitalise your senses.

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