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Kuantan Attractions

Beserah Beach


Situated 10 kilometres from Kuantan town, Beserah is a tiny fishing village especially known for its seafood restaurants. Kodak-worthy moments include the sight of Beserah fishermen herding water buffaloes with carts onto the beach to assist them in pulling in their catch for the day. A few kilometres north of Beserah is Batu Hitam Beach – also known as Black Stones Beach.

  • Location: Beserah
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Gua Charas


Located at the foot of the imposing 1,000 metre-high Panching Hill, Gua Charas is a limestone cave best known for the 'sleeping Buddha' stone sculpture in it. With numerous other natural limestone formations that resemble religious and animal figures, the temple is a popular spot for devotees who wish to pay homage to different deities. According to locals, the best time to visit the caves is approximately 11:00 when the sun lights up the cavern beautifully.

  • Location: Sungai Lembing
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Heroes Musuem


Known as the Muzium Tokoh Negeri, the Heroes Museum – adjacent to the Pahang Tourism office – is housed in a beautifully refurbished colonial-era mansion. Opened in 2000, it is situated nearby the State Mosque and has six galleries as well as an audio-visual room and a library. The exhibits range from relics that depict the history of the Malay Sultanate to artefacts that portray the country’s struggle for independence against Japanese occupation and British colonialism.

  • Location: Jalan Masjid 25000 Kuantan
  • Tel: +609 516 1328
  • Price Range: RM12 Adults; RM8 Kids
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Lao Zi Temple


13 kilometres from Sungai Lembing, Lao Zi Temple is home to the reputedly ‘longest manmade dragon’. Start out your winding journey to the temple going in through its ‘tail’ and coming out at the temple when you exit its ‘mouth’. Devotees believe that good luck comes to those who make the 2,700-foot pilgrimage through the dragon; annually, close to 100,000 visitors drop in to pay homage to the founder of Taoism.

  • Location: Jalan Sungei Lembing
  • Tel: +6019 948 2020 or +6016 936 2629
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Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah 1


Constructed between 1991 and 1993, this powder-blue building is the east coast’s best known mosque and one of Kuantan’s top tourist draws. Located beside a vast football field, the structure features Moorish architecture as well as beautiful designs and etchings. At night it’s a pretty sight when its minarets, spires and turrets are brightly lit.

  • Address: Jalan Mahkota, 25150 Kuantan
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Natural Batik Factory


Sprawled across 86,000 square-feet, Natural Batik Factory houses the east coast’s largest batik showroom. Besides batik products, the establishment also retails fashion creations ranging from baju kurung to beachwear. Visitors can also try their hand at batik painting or tour the production area where dozens of batik designs are created every day.

  • Address: Lot 4898, Batu 9 ½, Jalan Kemaman Kg Chengal Lempong 26100 Balok
  • Tel: +609 544 7335
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River Cruises


Starting out from the Shahbandar Jetty near the Esplanade River, this 90-minute cruise first heads over to the Tanjung Lumpur fishing village which is located at the mouth of Kuantan River. The two-hour journey continues on towards the 340-hectare Mangrove Reserve Forest where you’ll be able to observe the diverse flora and fauna of the swamp.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00, 11:00, 14:30, 16:00 Saturday – Thursday; 09:00, 15:00 Friday
  • Location: Shahbandar Jetty
  • Tel: +609 5121 644 or +609 5121 555
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Sungai Lembing Museum


Jokingly called the El Dorado of the East, Sungai Lembing was once a rich tin mining town. Set 42 kilometres from town the Sungai Lembing Museum – built by the Museums and Antiquities Department – was built to commemorate the town’s bygone glory days. Artefacts on display range from equipment used for tin mining as well as train tracks that were used to traverse the quarries.

  • Opening Hours:
    09:00 – 17:30 Tuesday – Sunday;
    09:00 – 12:00 & 14:00 – 17:00 Friday;
    Closed on Monday
  • Location: Sg. Lembing, 26200
  • Tel: +609 541 2378
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Taman Gelora


Taman Gelora is a pretty sightseeing spot for a picnic or a quiet stroll. Situated by the shores of the beach and shaded by pine trees, the park has a few lakes as well as a network of trails for jogging and walking. A favourite local haunt, the park also features tennis and volleyball courts as well as a football pitch.

  • Location: one kilometre from Teluk Chempedak
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Wan Fo Tien Temple


Known as the Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall, this Buddhist temple is located on the outskirts of Kuantan Town. This eight million ringgit structure is administered by the Pahang Buddhist Association; set up in 1967, the main attraction here is the approximately six-metre high white jade Buddha statue.

  • Location: Jalan Bukit Ubi
  • Tel: +609 573 9644
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