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What to Do at Night in Pahang

Spanning across 400km along the east coast, Pahang is Peninsular Malaysia’s largest state and roughly occupies half of the eastern coast. Different than Malaysia’s more populous, industrialized western seaboard, Pahang offers visitors a chance to see cultural traditions that have long since died out elsewhere. Escaping the economic and social changes that rocked the western Malay Peninsula in the 19th century, Pahang’s relative isolation is further facilitated by the fact that it is cut off from the rest of the peninsula by a mountainous, jungle-clad interior. Largely rural and underdeveloped, Pahang is home to the primordial Taman Negara jungle and is located roughly three hours away from Kuala Lumpur. When the sun goes down Pahang’s nightlife really revs up – not as rowdy as Thailand’s after-dark scene nor as quiet as Brunei’s no-alcohol nighttime offerings, Pahang falls somewhere between these two categories. Worthy of particular mention are the pubs, bars and clubs in the Genting Highlands and Kuantan areas.

Pahang Nightlife by Areas

Genting Highlands Nightlife Genting Nightlife

With temperatures no higher than 25 degrees Celsius, this hillside station is a frequent vacation spot for locals and weekend warriors from Singapore. Its attractions include theme parks, golf courses, shopping malls and the wildly popular Casino de Genting. Read More...

Cameron Highlands Nightlife Cameron Nightlife

Cameron Highlands isn’t a hotspot with spectacularly bright lights and wild nightlife action but it’s got a wholesome family-friendly vibe. Read More...

Cherating Nightlife Cherating Nightlife

Most importantly Cherating is known as the site of the first Club Med in Asia as well as the spot for some of the best wave breaks in the country. Yet there is something oddly appealing and alluring with this coastal town – there are a lot of visitors who come here for a week and stay for a year! Read More...

Berjaya Hills Nightlife Berjaya Hills Nightlife

Berjaya Hills is a decidedly family-friendly location so you’re not going to find a particularly rousing nightlife scene when the sun goes down. Read More...

Kuantan Nightlife Kuantan Nightlife

The town’s after-hours scene is dull – there are a few nightclubs operating within hotels but beyond that most locals enjoy early dinners with a few drinks at popular Chinese restaurants. Read More...


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