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What to Eat & Where to Eat in Pahang

Pahang offers a nice variety of Malay, Chinese and Indian food. On a more specific note, Kuantan, as a city along the east coast, has some great seafood to savour.

Visitors can also enjoy international cuisine from the many restaurants and food outlets located around the city. Further up north, in Terengganu state, more local dishes can be found, mostly Malay food.

Some of the most unique dishes found in either Terengganu or Pahang are listed below.

Pahang Restaurant by Areas

Genting Highlands Restaurants & Dining Genting Restaurants

Renowned for its stunning mountain-top location and the surrounding jungle-covered hills, Genting Highlands is Malaysia’s Asian-style Las Vegas. Read More...

Cherating Restaurants & Dining Cherating Restaurants

Cherating village is home to a laidback and languid collection of residents, the village remains starkly bare and there are more cats, monkeys and monitor lizards than people, yet it’s the friendly band of locals that make Cherating so warmly appealing. Read More...

Cameron Highlands Restaurants & Dining Cameron Restaurants

Chinese restaurants are favoured by locals, particularly for their steamboat offerings, Indian restaurants that serve spicy, hearty rice and curries are plentiful. Read More...

Berjaya Hills Restaurants & Dining Berjaya Hills Restaurants

If you’re ever in the mood to soak up some French culture but you can’t make it down to the real deal, then head on over to Berjaya Hills. Read More...

Kuantan Restaurants & Dining Kuantan Restaurants

Due to its close proximity to the South China Sea, much of Kuantan’s cuisine features variations of seafood; freshwater fish like patin – silver catfish – is especially popular and one of the state’s specialties is salted fish. Read More...


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