Pahang Shopping

Where to Shop and What to Buy in Pahang

Shopping in Kuantan can be an exciting adventure, especially for traditional handicrafts and cultural souvenirs.

However, there are also places to do shopping for modern goods especially in the city centre of Kuantan.

Terengganu state towards the north is another great place to look for souvenirs and cultural handicrafts.

Pahang Shopping by Areas

Genting Highlands Shopping Genting Shopping

Genting Highlands has a few stores that should occupy your time but shopaholics would be better off getting bargains in the Kuala Lumpur city centre. Read More...

Cameron Highlands Shopping Cameron Shopping

The centre of Malaysia’s tea production market, Cameron Highlands basically consists of a network of clearly-marked jungle trails and a series of beautiful waterfalls set against a backdrop of green peaks. Read More...

Cherating Shopping Cherating Shopping

Cherating is a relatively undeveloped village but that’s half of its appeal – there aren’t many businesses here but as the years go by its tourism sector has been contributing to its steady growth. Read More...

Berjaya Hills Shopping Berjaya Hills Shopping

Berjaya Hills – recently renamed the Berjaya Hills Resort – is one of the country’s not-so-popular hill stations. Read More...

Kuantan Shopping Kuantan Shopping

Kuantan is a town famous for its production of handicrafts and batik as well as local snacks such as keropok – dried fish crackers – and salted fish. It may be a long drive to Kuantan from Kota Bharu or Kuala Terengganu, but the town remains the most developed amongst the nearby east coast towns. Read More...


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